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Shoot & Scoot we offer a wide and ever growing Selection of RUBBER PROP GUNS, military equipment and Uniform for the film and TV industry.

Rubber prop guns 1800-modern
Science fiction and cutting edge type guns
Uniform supply sale and hire 1800-modern

Our stock includes items from over 200 years of warfare, from 1800's Napoleonic Wars to modern. Whether you need water bottles, helmets, pouches, uniforms, tactical vests, as well as rubber grenades, rifles, Bayonets and magazines, we can help supply your next production.

Rubber prop gun,
Baker rifle, Martini Henry, SMLE, Lewis Gun, G98, No4, K98, FG42, Mp40, Mk5 Sten, G43, AK74, AK47, AKM, Sterling, Mp5, M4, Shot Guns, Pistols, KNIVES, Grenades etc etc

1800 to present day,
Reproduction and original,
we also have a reliable maker for larger orders, many of our lines are exclusive to shoot and scoot, be it Napoleonic 95th rifles uniforms (sharpe) WW1 British service dress or a WW2 Para, we can help

We are also looking for post production stock,
prop weaponry,
clothing and uniform
set dressing

Category Listings

  • Costume Accessories & Supplies
  • Costume Hire
  • Props - Firearms & Weaponry


  • 2018 - Peterloo (feature)
  • 2016 - Pride & Prejudice & Zombies (feature)

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