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A Revolutionary Way To Make Shots

MK-V possess the most advanced professional modular sled system in the world, available and ready for the next generation of film making.

The MK-V System is a reliable, weather proof, lightweight, comfortable and backwardly compatible system for all operators. What's more, the MK-V system can be configured with each job from iPhone to IMAX, digital to film or HD/video. All our systems are 12V and 24V as standard and have HD-SDI.

Our policy is to produce the best professional, simple, lightweight, cost effective, stable and, above all, reliable camera stabilising platform that can grow with the operator and technology. MK-V sleds are used by most of the industries top operators and companies.

The MK-V system is also ideal as a first system. You can tailor the MK-V system to suit your needs and budget. When you move on, you can upgrade your system to a full feature package with all the innovations you will ever need to shoot even the most demanding film.

Category Listings

  • Camera AR Omega Revolution
  • Camera - Rental
  • Steadicam


  • 2015 - Sicario (feature)
  • 2010 - Clash Of The Titans (feature)
  • 2010 - Iron Man II (feature)
  • 2007 - Harry Potter & The Order Of The Phoenix (feature)
  • 2007 - The Golden Compass (feature)
  • - Singapore Airlines (commercial)

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