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Real, Soil Free Grass for Film & TV

Established in 1985 Lindum Turf the parent company to Wowgrass have been specialist turf growers for over 25 years. Wowgrass was developed specifically for the Event, Film and TV industry.

Wowgrass is a collection of premium quality REAL grasses grown into a felt, made from recycled British textiles. It is completely soil-free. It can be laid indoors or outdoors, and suitable for any set.

This means you can roll it out with no fuss and no mess. No soil means no mud, so heels don’t sink in. When you’re finished we can roll it up again too. A quick sweep round and you’ll never know we’ve been.

Wowgrass allows for the authenticity of real grass to any set, and can be carefully selected depending on the look and feel you are wanting to achieve. We can select from various species and grow it to a length perfect for your movies requirements.

We can supply Real, Soil-Free Grass to any size or requirement. No gluing or screwing necessary due to the weight of the natural grass it holds in place and as there is no mud it is suitable for all floor types.

We have a professional experienced team that can take your requirements and help bring them to life. Working on a large scale production? We will work with you to ensure that all deliveries of WowGrass match perfectly to ensure the perfect look for your set.

Category Listings

  • Greenery Hire
  • Props - Greenery & Flowers


  • - The Secret Garden (feature)
  • 2018 - Chelsea Flower Show (tv light entertainment)
  • 2018 - Johnny English Strikes Again (feature)
  • 2017 - Dumbo (feature)

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