TDC - Cordless Lighting

London, United Kingdom
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Cordless Lighting Anywhere

TDC Cordless Lighting offers you the opportunity to transform your events and sets with our rechargeable, wireless lamps/lanterns – the perfect styling accessory for your film or TV production.

The iPowerLite® is a compact battery unit that fits into most lamps and lanterns, negating the need for wires and sockets. Furthermore, it is extremely portable and easy to re-locate anywhere within your event space, at any time - reducing set-up time and cost as well as removing any potential trip or fire hazards.

Providing up to 24 hours of warm flattering light, there are five levels of intensity: from a subtle candlelight effect up to the equivalent to 60 watts output. Charging of the unit takes just under 3 hours and is available to purchase for use overseas.

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  • Props - Furniture & Smalls
  • Props - Lighting

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