Studio 2000

Herts, United Kingdom
Mark Brennan020-8364 313207836-639399


Green Screen Studio & Lighting Hire

Studio 2000 is a unique film, television and stills studio on the outskirts of north London that offers a warm welcome with a pleasant working atmosphere.

With a strong emphasis on flexibility, our 'drive-in' sound proofed studio is perfect for all types of film, television, and stills production, with all major production elements ready to hand. Lights, camera tracks and dolly packages are all available, while lighting set-ups can be pre-configured in advance of your visit, minimising time. pre-lit stage perfect for green/blue screen shoots for your film or television production.

Our walls are usually chromakey green but can be painted chromakey blue, white or any custom colour you require. Even if you only need a small area painted, let us know which wall and the area required. We even have full length black drapes and floor covering for a blackened out studio. In addition to this, we have a green room/production office with editing suites and wireless internet access. There are also tea, coffee making facilities as well as a food preparation area. Facilities include wireless internet, phone line, production office, green room, building area, on-site parking, drive-in access, make-up room, dressing room and shower.

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