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Rusty Old Stuff For TV & Film

Rusty, unusual, old or modern, you name it we've got it, or we'll try and get it.

We have a vast emporium of curiosities, too large to comprehensively list, ranging from kitchenalia, records, radios, type-writers, washing machines, mangles, cars, hairdressing paraphernalia, bicycles, burnable furniture, breakable pianos, 20th century farming tools/equipment, rusty sheets of tin and junk of all kinds, including bird's nests and dead flies.

We also have a growing portfolio of specialist items such as steam rollers, traction engines, gypsy caravans and farm building locations.

Category Listings

  • Props - Agricultural
  • Props - Architectural & Salvage
  • Props - Furniture & Smalls
  • PropsPropsProps


  • 2016 - Patient Zero (feature)
  • 2015 - The Go-Between (tv film)
  • 2015 - Avengers: Age Of Ultron (feature)
  • 2013 - The World's End (feature)
  • 2013 - The Counselor (feature)
  • 2012 - The Other Wife (tv drama)
  • 2010 - Never Let Me Go (feature)
  • - Baileys (commercial)
  • - Waitrose (commercial)
  • - Co-Op (commercial)
  • - CBeebies (tv childrens)
  • 2016 - The Windsors (tv comedy drama)
  • 2016 - Criminal (feature)
  • 2016 - How To Talk To Girls At Parties (feature)

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