Bells & Two Tones Fire & Rescue

Bucks, United Kingdom
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With Bells & Two Tones, You Are In Safe Hands!

When it comes to providing fire safety solutions, as well as health and safety solutions, you can rely on the Bells & Two Tones team to deliver a range of professional packages, at sensible prices, that ensure your production is properly catered for.

Not only do we provide fire safety cover, health and safety courses and support for special effects, we also provide fire engines, crews and equipment for 'in-shot' sequences, giving the most 'realistic action' possible for your production. Our senior personnel also provide fire service technical advice to assist with writers and directors.

We have decades of experience while our commitment and attitude towards your safety has earned us the enviable reputation as market leaders in our field. What's more, our team are all professionals in their field; most are serving or retired firefighters. They can bring a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience to your production, ensuring that you meet, and even exceed, your health and safety obligations.

We have a large fleet of fire fighting vehicles from regular fire engines for fire cover, water carriers from 10000 litres to 20000 ltrs for water effects and 4x4 fire vehicles that can go most places the big ones can't. If you need something a bit more "vintage" for in shot please feel free to speak to us as we have contact with many collectors who'd love to see their vehicles on screen.

Bells & Two Tones are pleased to announce that we can supply warm water which is portable, economic and above all, safe.
Our system has been designed from the ground up as well as having to be portable we always had safety in mind, we took the decision to get away from high pressure steam boilers and today we can offer a low pressure non-steam setup.
We can supply water that is comfortable for your actors yet cool enough not to produce steam and ruin the shot.
As our bowsers are all insulated we can bring 10,000ltrs or 20,000lts of warm water to your location, should you have a larger than normal requirement for warm water we can bring our whole setup to location and heat the water in situ, at present our 20,000 ltr bowser can be heated on site at the rate of 9 degrees per hour.
Should you require hot water (hot enough for a bath) we can produce a 1000 litres of hot water every 13 mins.

Category Listings

  • Fire Safety
  • Health & Safety - Advisors & Equipment
  • Health & Safety Training
  • Props - Action Vehicles


  • 2017 - Sherlock (tv drama)
  • 2017 - Decline & Fall (tv drama)
  • 2017 - Broadchurch (tv drama)
  • 2017 - Breathe (feature)
  • 2017 - The Level (tv drama)
  • 2017 - The White Princess (tv drama)
  • 2017 - Poldark (tv drama)
  • 2017 - King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword (feature)
  • 2017 - Wonder Woman (feature)
  • 2016 - The Last Dragonslayer (tv drama)
  • 2016 - The Infiltrator (feature)
  • 2016 - The Crown (tv drama)
  • 2016 - Peaky Blinders (tv drama)
  • 2016 - The Conjuring 2 (feature)
  • 2016 - Bridget Jones's Baby (feature)
  • 2016 - The Huntsman: Winter's War (feature)
  • 2016 - The Halcyon (tv drama)
  • 2016 - Free Fire (feature)
  • 2016 - Heretiks (feature)
  • 2016 - Class (tv drama)
  • 2016 - The Collection (tv drama)
  • 2016 - Now You See Me 2 (feature)
  • 2015 - You Me & The Apocalypse (tv comedy drama)
  • 2015 - Downton Abbey (tv drama)
  • 2015 - The Bastard Executioner (tv drama)
  • 2015 - Pan (feature)
  • 2015 - Broadchurch (tv drama)
  • 2015 - Galavant (tv drama)
  • 2015 - In The Heart Of The Sea (feature)
  • 2014 - A Little Chaos (feature)
  • 2014 - Agatha Raisin (tv drama)
  • 2014 - The Smoke (tv drama)
  • 2014 - Paddington (feature)
  • 2014 - Maleficent (feature)
  • 2012 - Skyfall (feature)
  • 2012 - Les Miserables (feature)
  • 2012 - Snow White & The Huntsman (feature)
  • - Doctors (tv drama)
  • - Casualty (tv drama)

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