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London, United Kingdom
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Military Support To The Film & Television Industry

Bare Arms are a professional military bolt-on team for productions portraying the military as well as being licensed to provide prohibited weaponry. They attach specialist advisers and armourers with specific military experience to production teams, who can coordinate a wide range of services. From military bases to shoot on, trained personnel and firearms to shoot with and helicopters to shoot from, Bare Arms can cover it all from start to finish. As former members of the British Armed Forces, their advisers have the contacts within the MoD and other organisations to get you everything you need.

Bare Arms also runs the 'Theatrical Firearms Course' or TFC, for those wanting to learn how to handle real firearms in a safe manner on set. Primarily designed for principle actors and stunt performers, the courses use military style training and live ranges to allow individuals and groups to become comfortable with guns before moving on to advanced tactics and movement.

Category Listings

  • Agents - Extras
  • Agents - Extras : Military
  • Military Advisors & Consultants
  • Props - Action Vehicles
  • Props - Firearms & Weaponry
  • Props - Military Fire & Police


  • 2018 - The Flood (feature)
  • 2017 - The Mummy (feature)
  • 2017 - Hard Sun (tv drama)
  • 2017 - Wonder Woman (feature)
  • 2017 - Man In An Orange Shirt (tv drama)
  • 2016 - The Halcyon (tv drama)
  • 2016 - Our Girl (tv drama)

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